welcome curse of metin2


A long time ago the entire region was united together. People lived in harmony with, working together with its Rulers within the empire. But one day time the Dragon Gods entered war with each other. World war 2 so horrifying, it entirely changed the entire region geographically and weather qualities, the people and wildlife were affected by Darker Magic which was an unwanted effect of the War. They will turned into destructive and also horrifying mutated creatures as well as monsters. Many people passed on by deadly conditions, but they came back for you to roam the cursed areas of the continent while walking dead. Madness caused by chaos produced the people who lived within peace to break straight into three parts, along with fall back to the actual continents outer wheels and became enemies.


3 Empires have borned :



The Jinno Empire is found the eastern the main continent. This kingdom was founded on armed service might and the inhabitants are aggressive and militant. The best choice of the Jinno Empire can be Ee-Ryoong, the son with the last emperor. He thinks that he can get in touch the former empire by way of war.



The Shinsoo-Empire is located in southeast the continent. The key activity of the population is actually trade. Opened following the disintegration of the former business by Yoon-Yoing, trade with the actual east quickly had been a profitable arrangement. Shinsoo offers conflicts with the developed empire and the buy and sell road can be unsafe. When they recognized your threat posed by the actual Dark Magic, the particular merchants armed them selves.



The Chunjo Empire is found the western area of the continent. It is a theocratic kingdom and is controlled by simply its spiritual innovator. It was founded by simply Yoon-Young, a cousin with the former emperor. Yoon's wife had vast magical power, and it was your woman who discovered the medial side effect of the Monster Gods War and recognized him in his battle to contain it. Several times they recommended the start of countermeasures against the Darker Magic, but he or she was always dismissed. Thus he guided his fellowship in a rebel against the former kingdom. After the disintegration of the ex- empire, Chunjo is still involved in open warfare with all the Eastern and The southern part of empires.